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Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI)

The Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI) is a self-reporting questionnaire designed to assess the impact of tinnitus on an individual's daily life, measuring the degree of distress and disability caused by tinnitus across multiple domains.

The THI typically consists of 25 to 30 questions that cover various aspects of tinnitus-related difficulties, including emotional, functional, and catastrophic reactions. The inventory provides a quantitative measure of the impact of tinnitus, with higher scores indicating greater perceived handicap.

The THI can be helpful in several ways:

1) Assessment of Tinnitus Severity:

The inventory provides a systematic way to evaluate the severity of tinnitus symptoms. By quantifying the impact across different domains of life, clinicians can better understand the extent to which tinnitus affects an individual's well-being.

2) Treatment Planning:

Understanding the specific ways in which tinnitus affects a person's life can guide treatment planning. For instance, if a patient reports significant emotional distress due to tinnitus, interventions targeting anxiety or stress management may be prioritized. The THI helps clinicians tailor treatment strategies to address the most pressing concerns of the individual.

3) Monitoring Progress:

The THI can be administered at different points during treatment to monitor changes in tinnitus-related distress over time. Comparing scores before and after interventions allows clinicians to assess the effectiveness of treatments and make adjustments as needed.

4) Communication:

Tinnitus can be challenging to describe accurately, as it is a subjective experience. The THI provides a standardized language for patients to communicate their tinnitus-related difficulties to healthcare providers. This facilitates more effective communication on between patients and clinicians, leading to better-informed treatment decisions.

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